Display Case Hygrometer
Digital Miniature Hygrometer
Very small low-cost hygrometer in neutral design, with fold-away stand, also suitable for wall mounting. The device displays simultaneously the actual temperature and relative humidity.

Accuracy is reasonable in relation to its low price (initially ±5% RH, mostly much better) but don't expect accuracy to last for years. You should cross-check it regularly with a calibrated hygrometer. The instrument can not be calibrated. If accuracy drifts outside specifications, you have to dispose it or you write the drift on the instrument, like "values 3% RH too high".

Other functions:

  1. Automatic determination of Max/Min
  2. Values reset-function for Max/Min values
  3. Low battery indication
Battery life is about 12 month, with high quality batteries (Varta, Sony...) even more. 

Notes & Remarks
Measuring range:-10°C...+60°C
Relative Humidity: 10%...99% RH
Accuracy: ±1°C (-10°C...+50°C)
& ±5% RH (25%...75% RH, 0...+50°C)

Resolution: 1°C 1% RH
Battery:1 x LR44 or AG13 battery cell
Dimensions:52 x 39 x 15 mm
Weight: 30 g
Available in black or white, please indicate

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