Museum Mounting Boards
Alpharag Artcare
Alpharag Artcare Museum Board is a full range of superior quality Museum Board used for window mats and framing, as well as other general mounting board applications. Made from select 100% virgin cotton fiber and featuring the patented MicroChamber technology. This board provides a preventive conservation mechanism unavailable in any other museum board, utilizing a unique combination of zeolites and buffering agents to trap preacidic gases and neutralize their associated acids and degradative by-products. Alpharag Artcare is available in a comprehensive range of lightfast, non-bleeding colors, in a full assortment of sizes and thicknesses.

In addition, Alpharag Artcare feature the highest level of quality available. Alpharag Artcare Museum Board is made from 100% virgin cotton linter pulp. Recognized as the purest form of cellulose available for papermaking, the cotton linter pulp used to produce Alpharag Artcare is exceedingly clean and consistent in fiber length, yielding a finished board of exceptional purity and strength. Each Alpharag Artcare board is hand-inspected for cleanliness and integrity. Traditional 4 and 8 ply lamination, using a neutral pH, archival, non-yellowing adhesive, provides the rigidity and thickness needed to physically protect art and artifacts. Thinner configurations of 1 and 2 ply are ideal for dustcovers, storage and interleaving applications. Shades of white and colors are achieved by using colorants such as white titanium dioxide, iron oxides and other organic pigments, all of which are bleed, fade and yellowing resistant. Color consistency is closely monitored by human eye and by computer spectrophotometry.

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This material is sold only in full cartons. 10 sheets per carton

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